Welcome to my place in the cyberspace.

I meant to host all my project on my server but I'm too lazy to sysadmin anything so I've settled on helping (!) the framasoft and my project are hosted @ https://framagit.org/u/amz3. You can find previous projects at github or bitbucket.


Here is a few tech (or not so tech) I've done:

- old

- dodge.py

Guile Scheme Tutorial

- Getting started with GNU Guile

- Going forward with Guile Scheme


- Somewhat relational database library using wireditger

- Getting started with Guile Parser Combinators

- Getting started with Guile's UAV database

- Getting started with Guile Wiredtiger

- GNU Guile Foreign Function Interface

- Do It Yourself: an artificial intelligence

- Do It Yourself: a search engine in GNU Guile

- Do It Yourself: a graph database in Python

- Recommendations basées sur les graphes

- API cognitive load

- Code Crafting Codex

- Je fais nimp!

- Lazy will continue

- Python: Subscript rencontre un générateur

- Introduction à Berkeley Database

- Feedback client sur la creation de la Terre

- Introduction au langage Python 3 en 5 minutes

See you soon!