2018/09/29 - One Step Closer To The Moon

It's long time I did not do a meta post to give a gimpse of where I am at and where I am going.

As you might have guessed, I started a new project called socialiter.

Let's proceed step by step.

Scheme vs Python

I confident Scheme is the future of computing. I mean it's doomed to replace the primary dynamic language out there namely Python. Why? Because of its minimalistic powerful primitives and clean design, because of its impressive performances and its roots in science. All of that push scheme programming language everyday one step forward. One thing that is missing in Scheme ecosystem is ready-made solutions for your problem ahem I mean what you think is a solution to problem you think you have. Let's not be dishonest. I am sorry, but Scheme community is missing a lot of documentation for the mass. That is not everybody is willing to dive into black and white papers (source of actual knowledge) to learn how to use a web framework. Again, sorry to say but Scheme is not sexy. I think Scheme community needs to compromise and try to attract more developpers. Racket (which is not a Scheme anymore but still has the best documentation of all the time) is already doing that. I mean that Scheme community must keep seeking the thruth and deliver actual knowledge through papers, books and it must also deliver half-backed articles with nice gifs, emojis and sillicon valley friendly colors "au gout du jour". That is (still?) the hard reality of nowdays computing.

Because scheme is not fashionable and a lot of people are stupid, I decided to pursue my immediate dream(s) in Python. Actually, it is a bet I am doing with myself. I bet that I can get enough perks from that project to be able, in the future, to invest more time with Scheme.

neon also known as zehefyu93600, wiredtiger and FoundationDB

Neon is a project I started this year. The goal was to experiment with RDF-like database somewhat like datomic but mixed with git. That is a versioned branch-able triple store. The idea is very nice and again I think it has a place in the future. If socialiter is a moon shot. zehefyu93600 is a Andromeda shot.

I will not give up on wiredtiger. I still think it's an awesome abstraction. It is not because I invested a lot time in it, that I keep the idea around but because Apple open-sourced FoundationDB. FDB is the same abstraction with the same guarantees but distributed. You might be wondering why I will need a distributed database?! Well, outside again perks I can get from learning how to use it. It can come handy to operate a big-ish search engine because it's easier to scale, I believe. It is not black or white. Even if wiredtiger is easier to operate on a single machine. I still don't have a precise idea how I will handle in terms of code the fact that wiredtiger API is blocking. Whereas FDB can be asynchronous.

ForwardJS and BeyondJS

When I started socialiter I ported the state management routine I created in Scheme to JavaScript and started playing with that. I fixed a few bugs and a race condition. It worked well on experiments.

At the end of the day, even if JavaScript made tremendous progress it's still not up to the mark compared to Python, especially Python 3.5+.

Also, let's be honest, with shitty VueJS but overhelming marketing and the zillions of other frameworks in JavaScript, it is very hard to market a framework that is somewhat inspired from elm and ported from Scheme. Few people will take the time to read the code and as far as I know nobody has tried. In terms of professional carreer, I keep some JavaScript-fu under the pillow, but apparently it's not where my strength is. Also, I don't enjoy coding in JavaScript that much.

Last but not least, as far as I am concerned I don't think browser technologies has a place in the future that I am thinking about.


You might have read my rambling about bootstrappable ideas. Basically, I don't think one can make it to Andromeda with your favorite web browser. This is technically non sens to plan a journey of several decade with so much clutter in the tech stack.

While the idea to build a legacy-less maintanable software to help people create colonies on other planets is noble goal. It's also a crazy idea. That's why, I prefer to aim for a more reasonable goal that is socialiter.


So, here I am with new goals, almost new code base with almost all my favorite tools into a journey that will hopefully last... Until next time.